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Italy is located in southern Europe and comprises the long, boot-shaped Italian Peninsula, the southern side of Alps, the large plain of the Po Valley and some islands including Sicily and Sardinia.
Corsica, although belonging to the Italian geographical region, has been a part of France since 1769. Italy is part of the Northern Hemisphere.
Its total area is 301,340 km2 (116,350 sq mi), of which 294,140 km2 (113,570 sq mi) is land and 7,200 km2 is water (2,780 sq mi).
It lies between latitudes 35° and 48° N, and longitudes 6° and 19° E.
Italy borders Switzerland (698 km or 434 mi), France (476 km or 296 mi), Austria (404 km or 251 mi) and Slovenia (218 km or 135 mi).
San Marino (37 km or 23 mi) and Vatican city (3.4 km or 2.1 mi) are enclaves.
The total border length is 1,836.4 km (1,141.1 mi).
Including islands, Italy has a coastline of 7,600 km (4,700 mi) on the Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, Ligurian Sea, Sea of Sardinia and Strait of Sicily.

The area of Italy is 116,650 square miles (301,340 square kilometers), including the islands of Sardinia and Sicily, making it just slightly larger than the state of Arizona in the United States. The tiny sovereign nations of Vatican City and San Marino are enclaves within Italy.
Italy is divided into 20 different regions, including the islands of Sicily and Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea which are each a separate region.
Each region has its own unique culture, customs, and cuisine so you'll find a lot of differences between regions in the north and those in the south.
The central Italy region of Tuscany is probably the most well-known and most visited by tourists.

Italian Alps Appennino or Apennines of Italy
About 40% of Italy's land is mountainous, offering great places to ski in winter and hike in summer.
There are two major mountain ranges, the Alps and the Appennino or Apennines.
The Alps, in the north, are divided into regions called, from west to east, the Occidentali , the Centrali, and the Orientali and are on the borders with France, Austria, and Switzerland.
The backbone of Italy is formed by the north-south trending Appennino chain.
The Dolomites are really part of the Alps, located in the South Tyrol, Trentino, and Belluno.
The highest point in Italy is Monte Bianco (Mont Blanc) at 15,781 feet, in the Alps on the French border.

Weather situation in Italy Weather conditions in Italy
Climate of Italy  Italy has a variety of climate systems.

The inland northern areas of Italy (for example Turin, Milan, and Bologna) have a relatively cool, mid-latitude version of the Humid subtropical climate (Köppen climate classification Cfa), while the coastal areas of Liguria and the peninsula south of Florence generally fit the Mediterranean climate profile (Köppen climate classification Csa).
Between the north and south there can be a considerable difference in temperature, above all during the winter: in some winter days it can be −2 °C (28 °F) and snowing in Milan, while it is 8 °C (46.4 °F) in Rome and 20 °C (68 °F) in Palermo. Temperature differences are less extreme in the summer.

With its hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters, Italy experiences a mediterranean climate.
Winters in Italy are cool and humid in the north and the mountainous zone. 
In The summer these Winds can bring very hot, unpleasant weather, sometimes even up to the northern districts of Italy.

The climate varies considerably from the north to the south of Italy.
In the north of the country - the area between the Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines - the climate is harsh, with very cold winters and very hot, particularly humid summers.
In central Italy the climate is milder, with a smaller difference in temperature between summer and winter and a shorter and less intense cold season than in the north; summers are longer, but the sultriness of the northern cities is mitigated by the sea.
In southern Italy and the islands winters are never particularly harsh, and spring and autumn temperatures are similar to those reached in the summer in other areas of Italy.

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