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If you can, get a taxi from an official taxi rank. It lowers the chance that you’ll wind up in unregistered taxis, which are notorious for not playing by the rules.
Calling a cab for a pickup?
Know what to expect: The cab will be a registered taxi (or should be!), which is great. But it’ll arrive with a few euros already on the meter.
That’s not because the driver’s cheating you.
It’s because, in Italy, drivers start the meter from the moment they get the call… no matter where they are.
Try to have small change on you. Don’t get in a cab with just a €50 bill, and the more coins you have on you, the better.
Cab drivers should, but don’t always, have lots of bills and coins to create change with.
And sometimes, they use the “I have no change” routine as a way to pocket the extra.
Don’t take a ride from a driver who approaches you. In general, if someone is hawking a cab, they’re trying to take advantage.
A negotiated flat rate… is usually an elevated rate. Unless you know the city very well, you’re not going to come out ahead.
Plus, generally speaking, legitimate taxi drivers won’t try to set a rate with you in advance, unless it’s for a long distance. (And popular long trips, like from Rome’s center to one of the airports, have rates that are pre-set by the city — so those shouldn’t be open to negotiation anyway!)
Make sure the meter’s running.
The driver says it’s “broken”? Ask him to let you out of the car.
Ninety-nine percent of the time, the “broken meter” is a ploy to take you for a ride, in more ways than one.
Know your destination address… in Italian! Rome is a confusing city, and not every driver knows every hotel or restaurant. Have the address, too. To be on the safe side, write it down. In Italian.
And make sure you’re specific.
If you say “Vatican,” your driver could drop you anywhere around the small country — if you want, say, the Vatican museum entrance, you have to say it! Ditto, in Rome, for “Borghese” (which could mean the large public park… or the Borghese museum).
Know about how much your fare should cost, but DON’T be too paranoid – some extra charges are legit. 
Unless it’s really two or three times what you’d expect to pay, err on giving the driver the benefit of the doubt… as long as you’ve picked a legitimate driver.
Feel like you’re getting the “scenic route”? Don’t panic. Yes, the driver might be taking advantage of you. But many streets in Italy’s cities also are one-way and winding, meaning it’s hardly ever possible to take a route that feels direct.
A small tip’s okay, but not necessary. Italians don’t tip taxi drivers like Americans do — at most, they’ll round “up”,

Taxis from The Airport to Your Hotel
If you've just arrived at the airport and want a taxi to take you to your hotel in Rome, how do you know what a proper charge is? Simple. It's written right on the side of the taxis waiting at the taxi stand at the airport! The fares will be listed for each airport (Fiumicino or Ciampino) for one direction. No tips... flat fee... taking you inside the city walls.
Taking a Metered Taxi
For the most part, you hire a taxi at a taxi stand, where you normally find many taxis lined up waiting for new fares. Just walk to the first taxi at the head of the line and get in. Taxis in large cities usually have an official emblem on the side of their car. In Rome, it looks like this...
Radio Taxi
This is one of the easier ways to get around in Rome, especially since the city subway lines are very limited. (They've been trying to expand the Rome subways, but every time they dig, they have to stop for the archaeologists to record ancient discoveries).
Transfer Car Services
Simply put, "transfer services" refers to a car, limo or van service that can arrange to pick you up at one location and transfer you to another. Many offer group rates (for vans) or private drivers just for you. You can arrange pickups well ahead of your arrival in Italy.
They also offer tour services--to take you on a day-long tour of the Amalfi Coast Road, for example... stopping anywhere you'd like to take photos or have lunch.

Tipping taxis and other drivers in Italy
You can give your taxi driver a bit of extra money, but it’s not really a tip. Think of it more as rounding up the fare a few cents so that nobody has to deal with small change. So if your taxi fare is 19 euros and 70 cents, you can give the driver 20 euros and tell them to keep the rest. If your fare is 18 euros and 70 cents, you can ask for 1 euro back in change.
For drivers who quote a fixed fare – for example an airport fare or a pre-paid fare – there is no need to add a tip. Let’s say you have booked a driver in advance who meets you at the airport holding a sign with your name on it, and you know the flat rate is 70 euros from the airport to your hotel. Give the driver the 70 euros (or give them more but expect change in return) and say thank you.

When it comes to tipping taxi drivers in Italy, it’s pretty simple! Most locals simply round up, so if your fare comes to 18 euro, and you leave your taxi driver with 20 euro – that gesture would be very much appreciated!

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