Italian small group courses in Florence Institute Galil
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The small group courses are intensive classes with max. 4 students per group. Thanks to the fact that in a small group course you share your time with only 2 or 3 other students, your active participation at the lessons of doing, you in person, the exercises and conversation, is still quite high.

As the practice under the guidance of an experienced teacher is one of the key factors in the process of language learning, a small group course enables you to achieve much higher results than if you would study in an ordinary group with more participants.

Therefore the small group courses are a good middle way between a one-to-one course and a general group course for all those who do not have any special requests and do not need a personalized program (for the specialization of a particular vocabulary / focus on a particular aspect of the language).

Our small group courses meet the same high standards of personal attention and care given to the school's individual programs and language services.

Course Types
The small group courses "A-gr", "B-gr" and "D-gr" are organized for beginners, intermediate and advanced level.

The afternoon course "S-gr" has been designed for anyone who works or studies in Florence and has only little time to devote to the study of Italian. This course is offered at the beginner and intermediate level only. For those with advanced knowledge of Italian, we recommend our one-to-one courses, which give the opportunity of having a personalized approach.

- The small group courses have a minimum length of 2 weeks and are scheduled from Monday through Friday
- The level will be determined by the results of our language test.

Prices of the Italian small group courses (per 2 weeks):
- Small group course "A-gr": 770 Euro
- Small group course "B-gr": 1080 Euro
- Small group course "D-gr": 1340 Euro
- Small group course "S-gr" (afternoon): 385 Euro.
Discounts and Reductions:
- For 4 weeks, discount of 8%
- For 6 or more weeks, discount of 10%
- For those who organize a group by themselves, discount of 10%
- During the months of February and March, discount of 10%.

Prices include:
- Textbooks and notebooks
- Use of video tapes
- Lodging placement service
- Certificates and diplomas
- Examination fee.

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