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Travel blogs, accommodations and vacation ideas selected to save you time and money on your next trip to Italy.


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About us

ok We offer the best of Italy: inimitable tourist attraction

We are consultants and programmers from Texas (USA) to Italy: Lucca, Florence, and other parts, united by the enthusiasm for the BELPAESE, passion and love of country, we share interests and let the community free to express their imagination and creativity with confidence.
If you know Italy, habits, traditions, places, foods, lifestyle: collaborate with us.
The site guides and advises you best, from the choice of accommodation to your stay on site.
It is not just a job, we put passion and a lot of love, with the aim of offering travel experiences that live up to all expectations.

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Selected hospitality: hotels, bed and breakfasts, holiday homes, cottages, villas and country houses, tourist attractions, itineraries, transport and schools.
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